Why You Need an Abundance Mindset

An abundance mindset is all you need.

It alone will lead you to victory.

Because if life is a footrace, it’s important to remember we’re all born at different places on the track.

Some of us landed 8 feet from the finish line and only have one hurdle to clear; some are further back, and some will start in the arena’s parking lot.

And, some of us won’t even hear the starter’s pistol.

While others can’t step into the take-off blocks. 

But no matter where you start in your race – an abundance mindset will lead you to victory.

What is an Abundance Mindset?

An abundance mindset sees problems and challenges as a way to learn and grow.

Talent counts, but focus and dedication count a lot more.

Someone with this mindset doesn’t waste the remarkable power of their mind. They don’t focus on the things they fear. 

Because fear shows up in a lot of ways. For example, if you:

  • Fear change, you whine when changes happen
  • Are afraid of looking dumb, you’ll never try anything new
  • Fear being passed over, you’ll hoard data
  • Need a reason to fear the world, you watch TV

But someone else with an abundance mindset:

  • Knows change is coming and looks for ways to learn from it
  • Preps, plans, and makes lists
  • Reads instead of watching TV
  • Sets goals and prepares a path to get there
  • Admits it when they screw up

We’re all going to make mistakes.

It’s just part of being human.

But if you’re not willing to step out and try new things, you’re setting yourself up to play catch up.

And catching up is much harder than keeping a good pace when you’re running your race.

What’re You Afraid Of? Have an Abundance Mindset

Fear is a big component of the scarcity mindset.

But the person working to build abundance in their mindset embraces what they fear.

And to really figure out what scares you, pay attention to what you say and how you view yourself.

If you claim, “I’ve never been much of a cook,” you now know that you fear failure in the kitchen.

But how do you get over this?

Simple you learn and change your mindset. Create an abundance mindset.

Sign yourself up for a cooking class!

Start by learning how to make 5-7 delicious recipes. Find videos that show you how to make the best macaroni and cheese in the world.

And turn your fears upside down by learning new skills.

Get Comfortable With Uncertainty

We humans learn stimulus-response truths as a baby in the cradle.

When you were an infant, if you were cold, hungry, lonely, or frightened, you cried.

And (hopefully) someone helped you out. 

This equation: Need + Request = Better probably faded as you got older.

You may have learned, in childhood or later on, asking doesn’t always equal getting.

And maybe you’ve learned to accept this. And as a result, you no longer reach out to others.

However, to build an abundance mindset, you’re going to have to be brave and try again. The trick is to reach within yourself, not outside yourself.

Instead of looking at what isn’t coming toward you.

Look at the skills you’ve built on the days when your requests were ignored. This is why an abundance mindset is all you need.

Because life is uncertain.

Knowing, understanding, and pressing forward regardless will become your new superpower.

Create an Abundance Mindset By Powering Up With Self-Talk

If you grew up without a cheerleader, you have to become your own.

The first step you absolutely have to take is to include the word maybe in every phrase you hold true about yourself. 

Because when you replace always and never with maybe, you train your mind to see new possibilities.

The brick wall of “I could never figure that out” suddenly has a “maybe I could ask my co-worker how to use that software” window in it.

Maybe gives you flexibility.

And be prepared because you’re going to surprise others when you start to maybe your life. The “always and never” people may not be cheerful.

But they’re quite reliable and easy to track.

Changing up that one word will make you harder to read. Which’ll give you more options.

And make you a lot more interesting.

Besides… Change is Coming No Matter What

Your expansion and abundance mindset, loaded up with possibilities from using the M-word (maybe), can be used any time you choose.

For example:

If you’re notified of a change in your living arrangements, your job description, your boss, or any other constant in your life, your fear-filled mindset would be clinging on to the past.

But the change is going to happen.

And the boat is going down.

But now, instead of holding on to the past. You and your new “Maybe” mindset will be putting on your life vest and grabbing an oar.

You’re planning on doing some serious paddling with the change that’s coming.

Because if anybody on this boat will come out of this and in better shape than you went in, it’s going to be you.

Gratitude: More Than Attitude

Gratitude truly shows up when you have to be thankful for the bad parts of life.

Getting fired stinks. It’s not positive.

However, if it guides you toward more training for a better career.

Or gives you the “anger-energy” needed to start the business you’ve always known would be a super idea.

Then gratitude for your termination will come in due time.

You’ve overcome everything you’ve faced thus far in life. Today’s challenge is just another hurdle.

You know where your finish line is.

Just keep running towards it.

Your goals are completely worthy of all your focus. So feed your abundant and growing mindset. And remember a path will appear.

One that will lead you to the next phase of your journey.

Because gratitude isn’t about living in a constant state of positivity.

There are days where you are going to feel like giving up. Don’t!

Be prepared, practice gratitude, and press on.

Change your mindset.

And focus on exactly what it is you’re working for. Turn away from media of every sort. And visualize the place, job, transportation, and life that brings you the deepest amount of peace.

Look for roadblocks that are going to get in the way of your vision.

And learn what you need to do to get around them.

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