How to Create Confidential Wealth

Not everyone’s gonna be happy for you when you’re finally making more money.

That’s why you should create confidential wealth for yourself and your family. The world does not need to know how much assets and money you have.

And being flashy can lead to your downfall.

There are already so many different things, people, and events trying to come between you and your money.

Don’t draw more attention to yourself or the life you live. Doing so only exposes you and those you love.

Breaking Down How to Create Confidential Wealth

In order to become wealthy, you must understand the concept of wealth itself and how it can either help or hurt you.

At one point, Africa birthed the wealthiest man to ever live.

His name was Mansa Musa, a powerful ruler who lived in one of the richest kingdoms of Africa. The source of his wealth was his land’s vast amounts of natural resources particularly, gold.

And according to history, his net worth was estimated to be $400 billion as of 2020. Adjusted to today’s value that’s roughly $400 billion US dollars.

What would you do if you had that much money at your disposal?

Some say they would take endless trips around the world, journey to outer space, purchase land for themselves. Or swim in the riches while purchasing luxury cars, clothes, shoes, and food.

Others say they would go incognito, never showing their face in the general public again. And I’d most likely do the same.

When a person has an abundant amount of money at their disposal, he or she may feel tempted to flaunt what they have.

Just take a peek at your social media accounts.

Notice who’s bragging about the newest pair of shoes, or something fancy he or she purchased not too long ago.

And although many enjoy flaunting and exposing what he or she has in the bank, not everyone’s like this. There are others who do the opposite and have a bunch of pride and integrity when it comes to their financial privacy.

These sort of people focuses on their wealth and building it while remaining low-key.

What is Confidential Wealth?

Confidential wealth is when you remain private about your financial situation.

For example, imagine Cardi B, Lil’ Kim, or former President Barack Obama going shopping for groceries at your local store. Because these figures are widely known for their specific appearance(s), it’s easy for them to be spotted.


Imagine Warren Buffett shopping at your local Walmart wearing some pants, a basic polo shirt, and a worn-out baseball cap with crocs.

The first thing that may pop in your head is he’s just another old man trying to get the latest deals before the afternoon crowd comes through.

Because when you’re confidentially wealthy, you blend in with your surroundings. You don’t stick out like a big yellow school bus.

When trying to blend in, it’s normal for celebrities to wear hand-me-down clothes, throw on a wig, and tuck in their chains. That way they can enjoy a regular day out and about in the streets.

However, when you’re used to flaunting money and things everywhere you go, people are going to notice and probably ask for a handout because of who you are.

That’s why you should want to create confidential wealth.

So you can go about your daily business without having to worry about someone asking you for $20.

The Importance of Creating Confidential Wealth

There are many reasons more and more people, especially minorities, practice being confidentially wealthy.

And looking at the statistics, minorities rank anywhere between 2nd to 6th in the United States when it comes to wealth compared to Caucasians. There aren’t many of us, to begin with.

Below, are several reasons why it’s important to remain confidential while getting and growing your money.

  1. Creating confidential wealth leads to gratification. This might sound crazy, but you’ll become more appreciative and humble as you build your wealth.
  2. You’ll avoid negative judgement. The goal of obtaining wealth is freedom. Some might want to retire comfortably, but being able to do what you want and/or need to do without struggling is a great feeling. Having unwanted attention and attracting the wrong crowd, will only delay the wealth building process and compromise your private life.
  3. While building wealth, you’ll learn who to trust and who to love at a distance. Not everyone is there for you success or wants you to succeed. It’s nice to have a strong support system, however, while building your assets keep in mind less is more. Keep a few people close, and love everyone else at a respectful distance.
  4. Create confidential wealth so you can have healthy relationships in your personal life. Similar to the third option, it’s important to not let money entirely rule your life. Those who have successfully built their empire and are now financially free normally have healthy relationships with family, friends, and themselves. Just remember, the less they know, the better. Especially if you don’t know who’s who.

Ideas And Tips to Grow Your Wealth

Technology is advancing quickly every day.

Those who never used a cell phone before now have a chance to purchase and use a simplified device and understand what they’re doing (for the most part).

And while technology progresses, jobs and businesses have begun to rely heavily on it. Finding different ways to better their wealth game.

So, what about you? Do you have what it takes?

Don’t let time slip by without trying different tactics to strengthen your wealth game. My goal here isn’t to just encourage you to create confidential wealth. Yes, knowing how to increase your wealth is important.

But you should also want to continue building wealth. Because you can donate, help, and take care of others and causes you care about using the wealth you’ve built.

So let’s look at some ways someone can improve their wealth.

Believe in Yourself!

Avoid condescending, negative, talk about yourself, the situation you’re in, or what could’ve been if you hadn’t done this or that.

Believe your situation will get better.

Everything starts with you and your mindset. So the more you feed it positivity, the better off you’ll be when it comes to building your wealth.

Practice Saving And Spending Less

Self-discipline is important while improving your financial situation.

There’s going to come a time when it’s okay to do a little impulse shopping or big spending. However, consider the risks before you begin the transaction or spend money you could be investing.

Wealth builders plan accordingly when it comes to their financial situation and goals. They keep in mind what’s important and what can wait until next week or even next month.

Don’t Be Quick To Lend Out Your Money

And do NOT be afraid to say no!

You can save a lot of money by saying no. And besides, your money is just that, your money. We encourage you to spend wisely and limit how frequently you give away your money.

The key to having better control of your money and creating confidential wealth is knowing when it’s appropriate to lend some of your funds.

In the past, jobs were scarce, limited to those with degrees or extensive work experience. Minorities once couldn’t get jobs because of the color of their skin or where they were from.

Now, times changed and more companies are creating jobs like nothing. So sometimes when people ask for money, not everyone is always in need. They might just be looking for a handout.

He or she could value their time in finding a job. I respect any and everyone willing to work for what they want. There’s nothing wrong with making an honest living regardless of how you might be getting paid.

I’d rather help and point someone in the right direction to develop a skillful trade so they can start working on it as a freelancer than a handout.

Because nothing good is going to happen when you or someone else is not around to provide that handout.

You Create Confidential Wealth By Investing

A great way to increase your assets and amplify your wealth is to invest your money in the proper places.

Options such as stocks, bonds, Traditional and Roth IRA accounts, index funds, or a combination will work.

There are many different ways you could invest your money. But once invested it’ll work for you and build wealth for you through interest, and dividends.

Closing Thoughts

Keeping your wealth confidential is amazing.

And when done, you’ll come away with:

  • More wisdom
  • A clearer understanding of how money works
  • And a portfolio filled with investments that’ll continue to grow

But don’t forget to remain humble while gaining more and more assets. And please don’t flaunt it excessively.

People go crazy over money.

And it’s only a matter of time before someone becomes jealous over your socio-economic standing and income status.

So it’s best to relax, build wealth, and chill.

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