How to Change When You’ve Had Enough of Your Excuses

If you feel you’re constantly spinning your wheels and not achieving your life goals, it’s good to ask yourself why when you’ve had enough.

Procrastination could be the problem.

Or it could be because you don’t have any written-down, clear goals that you live your life by.

But it could be another reason… and maybe you spend too much time making excuses for why you don’t get anything accomplished.

We all make excuses periodically. But it could definitely be a problem when we do that consistently, and it’s a big part of our lives.

Yes, making excuses for everything holds us back and prevents us from accomplishing our goals and living a very fulfilling life.

But if you want to do something about this habit, you have to take ownership of it first.

What are Excuses?

Simply put, an excuse is a bad habit.

You may not think of it that way, but that’s exactly what it is. And many people use excuses so often they’re ingrained into their very being.

Meaning they might not even realize they’re doing it.

Think about your life for a few minutes and ask yourself — will you achieve your life goals? And if the answer is “no,” you need to ask yourself why.

And it shouldn’t take long to figure out the reason why you’re getting nowhere is because of your excuses.

Some of Those Excuses Could Include:

  • I’m too tired (this is a very common one!)
  • I’m not sure how to get this done
  • I don’t have enough time (another common excuse)
  • I’m not strong, old, young, or smart enough
  • I tried it once and it didn’t work

Do any of these sound familiar?

It might sting a little to discover it’s you and your own excuses holding you back and keeping you from doing what you really want to do with your life.

But it’s the first step to having the life that you want and deserve when you’ve had enough.

In fact, once you realize it’s your own excuses stopping you from getting what you want, you essentially have two choices:

  1. Accept it and move on, which is the same as giving up
  2. Or admit it to yourself and make the needed changes.

And how difficult is it to stop making excuses and making some changes when you’ve had enough of your current lifestyle? Not as difficult as you might think.

You are most likely over making excuses and you don’t even realize it.

What to Change When You’ve Had Enough: Actionable Advice

If you’ve decided you want to change, some simple steps can take you from making up excuses constantly to finally achieving your life goals.

Here are six of these steps:

  1. Admit it to yourself and commit to change. To stop making excuses, you have to first admit that you’re doing this. Also, you need to look at your excuses and understand where they’re coming from. If you never get things done because you “don’t have enough time,” take a good hard look at your schedule. Are you really doing too much, or are you simply spending too many hours watching your favorite television shows or wasting time on the Internet scrolling?
  2. Dig deep to find out the real reason why you’re making excuses. The reason for your excuses could be a fear of failure. But it could also be a fear of success. And this may sound strange, but it isn’t that uncommon, especially in women. Ask yourself, “if I did manage to do XYZ, what’s the worst that could happen?” Be honest with yourself with the answers.
  3. Don’t compare your schedule and your situation with others. I used to compare myself to someone I grew up with because I’ve always been amazed at how much he get done in any given day. But his schedule and life aren’t mine, and vice versa. Nevertheless, I still use him as a role model and as a way to push myself to do better each passing day.
  4. Plan to accomplish big goals one small step at a time. If your goal is to start a new business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But there’s a simple way around that. Make a huge to-do list, but include on it lots of tiny baby-sized steps. The smaller those steps are, the less intimidated you’ll feel when it comes to accomplishing them and bringing yourself closer to your ultimate goal.
  5. Forget about the past. Okay, I don’t mean literally forget about it. After all, you have to learn from your past mistakes to improve yourself. But each day is a new beginning for all of us. So if you’ve messed up in the past and didn’t accomplish one of your goals, just learn from it and start all over again. Start from that point and commit to doing it right this time.
  6. Pay attention to both your strengths and weaknesses. Use the things you’re good at to help you stop making excuses — your independent nature, your desire to be a little bit better than the next person — and to push yourself to do better each day. Use your weaknesses as a way to push yourself. And finally learn practical ways to stop making excuses so you can accomplish more and more.

Where To Go From Here When You’ve Had Enough

As you can tell from most of this information, it’s your mindset that’ll help you eliminate excuses in your life and start getting things done.

Because when you’ve had enough of not getting what you want and deserve in life, changing is going to be easier than you think.

And with the right mindset, you can accomplish anything.

But to stop making excuses and get things done, you have to get out of your comfort zone. Admit that you deserve to be happy and get what you want.

And, most importantly, get up every morning and act on that desire.

Because your future is up to you, and you deserve better. Plus, when you’ve had enough, no one is coming to save you from your excuses.

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