It’s The Little Things in Life That Matter

As long as you’re alive, it’s the little things in life that matter.

Screw worrying about things out of your control.

Yes, money contributes a lot to our everyday lives.

You need it to get by and purchase your basic needs – food, clothes, healthcare services, education, and housing.

After all, we live in a capitalistic world. And as such, people are always admiring expensive things.

Wishing they could buy and afford them.

But the truth is, money IS NOT the only thing that makes the world go round.

There’s more to life than getting a lot of money and buying expensive things. There’s plenty of stuff out there that’ll give you peace of mind and matter more than money.

Because money can’t buy you happiness, even if you think it can, the glory will always be short-lived. Because the truth is, there’s more to life than money.

This is why you must constantly ask yourself:

  • What comes to your mind before you go to bed at night?
  • What are the highlights of your day?
  • Did something happen that made you smile?

If there is and something did make you smile, then it’s pretty valuable.

Because it’s the little things in life that matter.

And you may not know this yet, but one day you’ll learn it’s the little things you enjoy that were actually the bigger things.

The things that matter when your life is done and over with.

In Life, Small Is Big

But what exactly does this mean?

It means the small actions you do each day make up your habits.

These actions define your attitude and behavior. They are the little things you overlook daily. But they add up over time.

So, what are these little things?

They range from spending time with your family to the food you eat. They make up the memories that light up your face whenever you think about them. The small things that build and make up each of the relationships and friendships you enjoy.

These are the small things that make us whole.

You don’t need to overwork yourself trying to make an extra dollar because you’ll only end up exhausted.

Instead, find time to do the little things with your family and friends.

Stop obsessing about getting that big break because you’ll end up missing out on what matters most.

For example, what happens when a close family or friend moves away? What do you think or miss about them?

You’re going to remember and miss the little things about them:

  • The random walks
  • Lunch and dinner dates
  • The funny moments
  • The way they talk
  • The way they smile

Those are some of the things you will miss and remember.

And they add up. Just imagine the massive amount of tiny drops of water that make up the ocean. And the number of dollars it takes to make up a million.

Small is big. And it’s the little things in life that matter.

Big is Overrated

We live in a digital age, and the media and social media influence our thinking if we’re not mindful of what we consume.

What you see on social media and your TV are everyone else’s highlight reels.

They paint this beautiful picture that shows bigger is better. But I don’t see it this way. They love to show bigger cars, bigger houses, and bigger everything as better. And try to sell you on the idea that you need more money to acquire these things.

And the biggest lie of them all = getting and having all of these things will make you happy and content.

But bigger isn’t always better. And bigger, as well as more, might not be what you need.

You can have the biggest house in the neighborhood. But it won’t add value to your life if it doesn’t feel like home.

Home is defined by peace, love, and happiness. And money can never buy those things.

You will often find bigger is usually a nightmare. So be careful what you wish for because bigger might require a lot of unnecessary work. Things you didn’t plan for. And that’s why I say big is overrated.

It’s The Little Things in Life That Matter

Waking Up in The Morning

There’s nothing more fulfilling than waking up early feeling fresh and healthy. Because there are a lot of people out there who didn’t make it to see the morning. Therefore, every day you wake matters a lot. You got to see another day.

 – The Perfect Meal

Imagine having your favorite meal for lunch. How does it make you feel? It doesn’t matter whether you like it cold or warm. The most important thing is how it’ll brighten up your day.

– A Loving and Happy Relationship

Love runs the world. Still, you’ll find many some in relationships, including ones that aren’t sexual regularly fighting. However, if you come home to peace and tranquility, where someone is excited to see you, that matters way more than money.

– Appreciation at Work

Each day, you wake up to go and make a living. Or do something else you enjoy. However, is your workplace friendly to you? Are you at peace?

Because it won’t matter if you’re taking home a six-figure salary if you have no peace at work. Appreciation for your achievements at work will leave you feeling thankful.

– Listening to Good Music

Imagine having a long and stressful day, but you turn on some good music you like to hear once you get home. That’ll uplift your spirit and leave you feeling happy and peaceful.

Good Laughter With Friends

There’s nothing that makes someone’s day like laughing your heart out with friends. You not only feel relieved but also get to reminisce on some of the best memories you’ve created together.

Watching a Movie

Sometimes, watching a movie at home might mean a lot more than going out to the theater. Imagine watching a movie, something you love with your favorite person. And better yet, curled under a warm blanket. Isn’t such a moment just blissful?

Yup, It’s The Little Things in Life That Matter The Most

By now, you already know that there are plenty of little things in life that matter.

There’s no point in having all the money in the world and no peace of mind. It’s the crazy laughter sessions with friends, happy relationships, and good music playing in your ears, among others.

Life is made up of moments, and it’s the little things in life that make up these moments. With such memories, you will never feel alone.

Most people only realize that it’s the little things that matter when they’re feeling low—the days when everything seems to be going the wrong way, whether at work or home.

During such moments, the things that can uplift your spirits are those that give you peace of mind—not having more money, cars, or fame.

So while you’re here on this Earth, enjoy it. The time you have is a gift. And the most precious resource known to man.

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