Why Your Life is Precious

Your life is precious! And there’s a reason why you’re here on this beautiful Earth.

Find it! 

Because oftentimes we wake up and just go about our business. Without giving a second thought to the fact that we’re alive. 

We’re breathing, our minds are intact, our organs are working the way they should. 

Shit, there are even many days where we take our ability to get from point A to point B safely for granted.

One wrong turn or accident can be the end of our physical presence here on Earth. There are no re-spawns or do-overs in life. 

You get one shot. So you have to do the best you can with the time you got.  

You Were Chosen

You could’ve been anyone. But you are you. 

Sometimes you might even compare yourself and YOUR journey to others. Not realizing we’re all here for a different reason. You’re on a different journey than those you’re comparing yourself to.

Your story will be different.

You have skills, experiences, and an outlook no one else has on life.  

And to really put this into perspective think, out of all the sperm cells, you were the one actually born.

You were born a winner. You won your very first race. And your life’s purpose was already created for you before you were born out of your mother’s womb. 

So LIVE and step into your purpose.

Because the level you’re currently on in life was specifically designed for you. And you alone. 

Beat it. Master it. And move on to the next level of life.

Because The Difference Between Life and Death is Thin

Sleeping is the closest you will ever come to experiencing death without dying. 

Life is truly the most fragile thing in existence.

And sometimes we don’t recognize how fragile it is. All because we wake up and we’re NOT in our right frame of mind. 

Your limbs work. You’re still able to smell the roses, and coffee, or tea. So when you wake up each morning, remember that.

You “get to” do whatever it is you are about to do. 

Because you could’ve passed away in your sleep. The difference between you being alive or dead is one teaspoon of water being in your lungs. 

Our bodies are made up of mostly water. Yet just a teaspoon extra of it in our lungs can kill us. Imagine that.

It’s also essential for your blood to clot when bleeding. Yet this very same clotting of your blood can kill you if it’s NOT done in the right amount of time. 

Because you see, we’re always one breath or event away from dying. 

Processes and hydration that are important for us to stay alive are the same ones that can kill us. 

Which is why life is precious. 

You’re Six Feet Above Ground

And it sounds simple. 

But it’s more complex than you think. Six feet is all that separates you from death. Don’t squander the opportunity you have. 

Live because your life is precious.   

And one day, before your family and friends have to put you six feet under you should give them a hell of a life to remember

Because someday you won’t be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of walking on the beach.


Being able to show those you love, just how much you actually love them. Because of all the creatures on Earth, we have a lot of freedom. 

So live each day with gratitude. Knowing you’re six feet above the ground. And from someone who used to sleep 60+ feet below ground in the military.

Any day above ground is a good one.

You Have The Opportunity to Shape Future Generations 

Because life is precious. 

You have the opportunity to shape many different lives. And generations to come – think your grandkids or extended family. 

And each one of those individuals can create something. Something completely different and so good that it can change the lives of many others. 

Because the mindset and actions of one woman or man can change the world. 

Legacy’s don’t die. 

And you have the opportunity to create an unforgettable one with your life. All with the same 24 hours a day those who came before you had. 

So make everything and every day count. Create a legacy and be a difference in people’s lives. 

Shape future generations and legacies.

Stories Will Be Told of Your Strength and Adversity

Certainly, you have gone through some amount of pain since birth. And one thing you can be sure of is no one knows your pain.

When we experience pain, we tend to think we’re the only ones going through something. 

We might want to give up.

Because most of us don’t like experiencing pain. Or failure.

But here’s the thing, pain gives you the strength and the lessons you need in order to get to the next level. 

Live through it.


Once again there’s no one like you. Your life is precious

And there’s only one you on planet Earth. 

So, imagine just how important your life is to this Earth when there is only one of you. No one else thinks, speaks, acts, or does things the way you do. 

Your uniqueness adds a tremendous amount of value to this world. 

You are so unique you were chosen to receive the gift of life. Your purpose and journey are so tailored only you can walk that journey. 

So anytime you lose hope because things don’t go according to plan, remember you’re unique. Only you can fulfill your life’s purpose. 

Our gifts and skills are unique. And everything in your life was created 

JUST FOR YOU. Stand in gratitude knowing you belong here. 

There were no mistakes made when you were born. For life is precious. 

It’s a gift.

And we only get the chance to unwrap, and truly live it once.

Sure, there will be pain and trauma. We all have a story. But if we lose sight of how life is precious, we’ll be consumed by darkness. And before you know it, it’s over. 

So don’t lose the 1 chance you have to enjoy this gift known as life.

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