Here’s Why Money is Everything

Money is everything.

It’s a tool and it can change your life. You can buy your time back with it. Never ever having to work a job or do things you don’t like.

Money and financial freedom make life on Earth a hell of a lot easier. And with $$$, you can do so much good for others who are in need.

Sure you might have heard plenty of people saying “money is the root of all evil.”

They’re against the concept that money is everything. Yes, their perspective might be true.

But do they know the kind of evil broke people have to go through every day?! 

Let’s face it, although $$$ is an essential part of human life; many people don’t like talking about it. And if they do, they keep it on the low.

This is very strange, considering money is a tool that makes the world go round. 

Just think of the number of things it can do for you. Because money is everything. It makes no sense for you to believe you don’t need money. Things cost $$$.

Also, think of all those different things people, including you, do to get some cash in your pocket.

If you sat down and listed all the days in your life you didn’t need money, you’d discover there is none.

Unless of course, you’re a minimalist, living off the grid, or relying on nature.

What Money Can Do For You 

In the words of J.L. Collins, money can buy you a lot of things, but the most valuable of all is freedom. You can’t buy anything without it. 

Money allows you to purchase:

  • A place to live
  • Experiences like vacations, good food, and experiences with family and friends  
  • Devices that can make your life easier and allow you to stay up to date with technology
  • Great health insurance
  • Transportation, cruises, and more

Why You Should Care About It

Yes, there’s a bunch of talk about money in this blog post.

But you should know the difference between loving money as an end goal. And using it as a tool to get you to your end goal.

If you view money as your end goal, you might as well be called greedy.

But, if you use $$$ as a tool to achieve stability, independence, happiness, and help others then you’re smart. 

Because without a doubt, you need money for everything.

As much as you can’t go to the gym for free, or live in someone’s house without paying rent, you’ve got to learn how to care about money. 

Money can be exchanged for things that can make your life and that of your loved ones easier. Which to me is a good enough reason to have a soft spot for money.

Having financial stability protects you from events and situations others face who don’t seem to care about money.

And if you care about money, you need to learn and understand it. 

Learning personal finance is a must if you care about money. Personal finance education helps you keep track of where your $$$ is coming from. And it guides you on how to manage your money because money is everything.

How to Get Better With Money

1. Visit Credible Sites

There are several websites on the internet that teach financial literacy. However, one of the most reliable sites you can find is

This is a financial education website that was developed in 2003 by the Financial Literacy and Education Commission.

Here you can learn everything from investing, saving, borrowing, and even how to spend your hard-earned cash.

Or just keep reading here on MentalVibe and your favorite personal finance sites.

2. Money is Everything So Learn to Budget

If you want to be financially independent, you need a well-planned budget and systems.

Start by paying your debt. Then start tracking every dollar that comes in and goes out of your accounts.

Websites like You Need a Budget (YNAB) can help you break down your money goals into sizeable chunks and track them.

3. Learn How Credit Works and Keep a Good Score

Most people say they don’t care about money because they don’t understand how banks and creditors lend people $$$.

Find a place like Trulia’s blog where you can learn about loans, credit scores, and other financial concepts and words. 

4. Leverage Bill-Paying Tools

Taking advantage of bill-paying tools can help you stay on a budget and ensure you track everything going out of your account.

For example, Mint provides you with top-notch tools you can use to budget your cash, pay bills, and watch your credit score.

Other Things Money Can Do for You

Besides allowing you to purchase the best things in life, money also comes with many other advantages.

1. It Gives You Status

You may not care about fancy cars, houses, cruises, or international trips.

But if you dream of living a lavish life, you’ve got to be loaded. And unfortunately, in our world, people are respected for their wealth, assets, and achievements.

This is why $$$ is everything. Earn and invest it early and often. 

2. Can Buy You Security

Having money allows you to plan for your future. Without having to stress about everything that comes next.

The American Psychological Association, in its survey, found most Americans are stressed because of money.

The study found that out of everybody interviewed, 72% of them reported being stressed about money the previous month. 

Everyone keeps telling you to be happy with whatever little you might have.

But how on earth can you chill when you’re broke? Doesn’t the thought of taking your kids to a good school, buying a house, or visiting your dream destinations keep coming up in the back of your mind?

And I bet each time it does, you keep remembering you don’t have enough money to pay for these things. 

Being financially stable gives you the confidence and security you need in life. You’re confident that whatever happens, you have enough $$$ in the bank to keep you going. 

3. Provides Freedom and Power

If you want to make your life better, you have to keep doing things especially for others that add value.

You need to take courses that sharpen your skills. Read books, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos. Start a side hustle. And figure out how to make some money online.

Because having extra allows you to invest in yourself.

And become financially independent.

With money, you can dress however you want. Give off the vibes you want. If you’re selling something and want to wear a nice suit and drive a nice car, go ahead. You can.

Want to be comfy all the time, go ahead. Buy whatever you want. That’s the power of money. And it’s why money is everything.

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