One Life – Commit and Die With No Regrets

Die Without Regrets

Make it a goal of yours to die with no regrets.

Because over 95% of the human population dies without ever fulfilling their dreams.

And even if you don’t believe 95% of us die with regrets, you don’t you should do everything in your power to make sure you fulfill your dreams before this life is over.

With that being said, I’m going to make a bold statement here and say; the only way you fail is if you quit, never try or die creatively.

Many will never experience or live the lives they have all dreamed of living.

Why do you ask?

Well, it’s not a complicated equation.

It’s simply because we as human beings tend to settle. We become stuck or busy… sleepwalking through life.

And as a result, we end up living a mediocre life. Maybe a life someone else had in mind for us. A life we never designed or planned on living ourselves.

From society to friends, to our parents, to our bosses and even the companies we work for from 9-5, over time they become the rulers of our life.

If you’re not careful you too can become trapped. Quickly living a life without purpose.

Then, when it’s all said and done, sure you’ll make those people mentioned above happy. But the real question is… are you happy?

Are you happy and satisfied with the way life turned out?

Hopefully, after reading that, you’re asking yourself what’s the solution to this problem?

While there are many different ways to address this question, what you’re about to read is my approach.

It’s not perfect. And you should question everything I write and say as well as others to draw your own conclusion.

But I hope it motivates you to die with no regrets.

To Live The Life You Have Always Dreamed of Living, You Must Engineer and Design It.

After reading that, I hope you’ll take full control and responsibility for your life and the outcome of things.

We only have one chance at this thing… and as far as I know, we aren’t coming back. Die with no regrets.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; it isn’t until tragedy strikes or someone close passes away that we realize how precious life is.

With that, if you’re passionate about something, you should find a way to see it through.

And if there’s one thing I know it’s this: if you don’t try, you’ll never know the outcome, or be successful.

Success You Get It

And die with no regrets. Because there are no do-overs in life. We don’t get to re-spawns as you do in video games.

I know from my observation and conversations, many of us are guilty of not living life to the fullest.

Instead of pursuing the things we love and dream of, fear stops you dead in your tracks before you’ve even started. And for most, the life they are living is not a life they themselves have designed.

In fact, I myself was just as guilty. Starting what you now see took me 3 years before I actively pursued what I knew I was capable of doing.

I wanted to write, question things, and make others think in ways that could end up changing their life.

However, it was only after I achieved certain accomplishments like joining the military, and getting two degrees did I realize the life I was living didn’t match up to the life I had envisioned. And since I’ve started I feel alive and at peace more than ever before.

All I want for you is to experience and live this same feeling. To appreciate and enjoy what it means to be alive.

For everyone to love more, laugh more, make new memories, and enjoy whatever you love doing and those around you more.

Accomplish everything you want to do and love as hard as you can before passing.

This isn’t going to happen though until you realize and identify your dreams. Then design a life that YOU truly want to live and get to living fast.

Die with no regrets!

And don’t be surprised if after you start taking action on your dreams, you start asking yourself… “How did I go so long making everyone but myself happy?”

Taking Action Can and Will Lead to Less Regrets

Regret never feels good.

And it’s why you should die with no regrets.

You should take as many risks as necessary to avoid having any later in life. Listening to other individuals and how they lived their life is a great way to put things into perspective as well.

Talk to people who are now at a later stage in life than you are.

This can be someone that’s retired or even living in a nursing home. I’m sure they’d love your company and the conversation.

You’re bound to talk with someone who wishes they themselves took on more risks and did the things they always dreamed or discussed doing.

And if you meet someone who has accomplished what they wanted and really went after their dreams, that’s even better. Ask them about regret, and if they’d do it all over again.

Either way, no matter who you talk to, they’re probably gonna tell you something similar to what we’re currently discussing.

You have nothing to lose. And a great story to gain.

But no matter where you’re currently at in life now is the time to start and act.

Ask yourself… what’s the worst that could happen?

If you try and things don’t work out, you can always go back to what it is you were doing. In time, you’ll regain that same amount of comfort and pay you were once making.

It might take you some time, maybe a year or two to figure certain things out but you have the option to go back or continue living a similar life.

With that, you should NEVER have regrets about things you could’ve prevented from happening in your life. Not when you know you’re capable of accomplishing and doing more.

You want to die with no regrets.

Besides even if you fall short, you’ll have gotten a lot closer and grown so much more as an individual. All from taking action and trying instead of never trying at all.

Woman Doing Yoga

I’ve failed so many times trying different things I thought I wanted to do in life. Still, I’m happy I tried and failed at them because I can say that up to this point in my life, I have no regrets.

I want to die with no regrets.

If there was something I said I wanted to try and do, I did it. And even though failing may have cost me some money and a damaged ego, I’m so happy I have failed.

If I never failed, I might not be writing or talking about this right now. But here I am, all thanks to failure. Those failures and the lessons I’ve learned up to this point and have made me a better man.

Life Is About Experiences, Growth, and Happiness – Die With No Regrets

It’s one big journey and a series of lessons that if we all pay attention to, we can learn from.

And although we have and learn different lessons along the way, I know there’s something positive we can all take from our unique experiences.

Even if they’re life-changing and negative situations, ask how you can learn and grow from them.

Growth is something we should all strive for throughout life. So no matter what’s happening and even when you fail, you’re actually just getting started.

Just get up, get back to engineering your dreams, and press forward.

Because if you’re not trying, failing, and growing. We’ll never get to experience the greatness we all know you’re capable of sharing with the world.

So, no matter how many good or bad things have happened to you so far in life, as long as you’re alive, you’re still in the game.

You’re still growing so give yourself time and permission for that growth.

Even after a few failures, you still have time. Be patient and you can achieve anything you want and are willing to work for in life.

Make Magic

But remember it takes time and action.

True failure only happens when you quit, never take action or die creatively. The ones who become successful or always “make it” are those who are willing to leave their comfort zone.

Embrace this perspective and how precious life is. When you do you should be happy with where you’re at on your journey while continually striving for more.

With this mindset in hand, you’ll achieve and accomplish whatever it is you want to in life. I promise!

With That, Here Are 10 Reasons Most People Fail:

  1. Lack of belief
  2. Believe it’s too late to try
  3. Never take enough action
  4. Forget our time is limited
  5. An unwilling to change our mindset
  6. Don’t listen to their inner voice and quit early on
  7. Afraid of uncertainty, want job security and fear change
  8. Hang around negative people who are unwilling to change
  9. Lack vision and creativity for what it is they want to do in life
  10. On autopilot – living a life someone else has designed for them

Please, please, please… take what we’ve discussed above seriously. Find your why, find your purpose, find the reason you do the things you do.

Then design a life you love around doing those things. This will make it easier for you to look back when we’re all older and smile.

And when you reach that point, congratulations!

You’ve now left behind something and a legacy you can be proud of.

The hardest part was always starting.

So just start and you’ll figure out how and everything else as you move forward. I wish you nothing but more success, more positivity, and more life.

But die with no regrets!

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