Ownership Mindset: What Is It and (How to Develop an ELITE Ownership Mentality)

You’ve probably heard you should start thinking like an owner if you want to be successful.

But what does that mean? 

Most people think of ownership as a financial term–owning stocks, property, or businesses. But another kind of ownership is important and has to do with your mindset.

Because when you start thinking like an owner, you take responsibility for your life and success. Stop making excuses and blaming others, and start taking action to reach your goals.

That’s the power of an ownership mindset.

What is an Ownership Mindset?

An ownership mindset is a way of thinking which emphasizes taking responsibility for your actions and decisions.

This mindset is about stepping up to the plate.

It means you have a sense of responsibility and a commitment to ALWAYS take the initiative.

People with this mindset believe they can shape their future. They consider their choices and own up to the outcome(s) regardless of what happens.

They also believe in their ability to accomplish anything they want.

How to Develop an Ownership Mentality
The leader is 100% responsible for whatever happens!

Signs You Don’t Have an Owner’s Mindset

You don’t have an owner’s mindset if you make excuses for your work or blame others for your mistakes.

For example, if you are constantly telling your boss something went wrong because of someone else’s mistake.

Or, if you blame your team when a project fails, you don’t have an ownership mindset.

Your Job Satisfaction is Low

Another sign you don’t have an ownership mindset is how satisfied you are with your job or career.

An owner’s mindset is essential for job satisfaction. Because without it, you’ll likely feel unmotivated at work when you don’t have an ownership mindset.

You may also feel like your work is pointless or you’re not doing anything to further your career.

A second sign you don’t have an owner’s mindset is if you’re constantly looking for shortcuts or ways to avoid doing your job.

For example, if you’re always trying to find ways to delegate tasks to others. Or, if you’re looking for excuses to miss work, you likely don’t have a sense of ownership.

Finally, another sign you don’t have an owner’s mindset is if you’re always looking for praise or recognition from others.

If you need constant validation from others or feel like you can’t do your job without someone else telling you you’re doing a good job, you don’t have an ownership mindset.

These are just a few signs you may not have a sense of ownership.

If you notice any of these signs, you need to work on developing an ownership-oriented attitude.

Signs Your Team Doesn’t Have an Ownership Mindset

A team with clear expectations and an ownership mindset is critical; for any organization’s success.

Here are five signs your team may not have an ownership mindset:

  • They’re always looking for someone else to blame when things go wrong. 
  • They’re resistant to change, even when it’s needed.
  • They’re more focused on personal interests than the organization’s goals.
  • They’re constantly complaining and gossiping instead of finding constructive solutions.
  • They’re unwilling to step up when it’s needed.

If you see any of these signs, it’s important to address them quickly. 

A small team whose members don’t have such a mindset will eventually drag down the rest of the organization, whether a large or small company.

What Are Some Examples of Taking an Ownership Mindset?

One example is when it comes to your health.

It’s important to take an ownership mindset regarding your health because no one else will if you’re not looking out for yourself.

You’re the only one who can decide to live a healthy lifestyle.

And, your health affects the quality of your work.

Another example of taking an owner’s mindset is your education.

You need to hold yourself responsible when it comes to your education. Learning does not stop when you graduate from school.

You decide whether you’ll continue to learn or not.

The Benefits of Having an Ownership Mindset

One of the main benefits of having an ownership mindset is you take control of your life.

With such a mindset, you’re in control of your destiny.

You make the decisions, and you’re accountable for the results.

Living like this empowers and leads to greater personal and professional success as you’re no longer a victim of your circumstances. You call the shots!

People who hold themselves accountable always look for ways to improve.

As a result, they tend to make better decisions than those who don’t have such a mindset. All because they’re not afraid to experiment and try new things.

An additional benefit is you’re more likely to achieve your goals. Taking responsibility means you’re more likely to take action and make things happen. Even if you might fail or come up short.

How Can I Change and Develop an Ownership Mindset?

You can develop an ownership mindset by taking responsibility for your actions and decisions. Then commit to achieving your goals or the outcome(s) you’re after.

When you have an owner’s mindset, you understand your choices have consequences and are willing to work hard to fulfil your vision.

This positive mindset is contagious and can inspire others to take action and achieve their own goals. But, everything starts with you and yours.

Develop Your Mindset By Taking Action

Creating a strong sense of accountability means taking complete control of your life and work.

It means having the courage to chart your course and make decisions which align with your values and goals. It also means doing things, even when it’s difficult, or the path is unclear.

When you take accountability for your life, you become the captain of your ship. You set the tone and direction of your journey.

Yes, things will sometimes be unclear and scary, but it’s also empowering. Take action and pursue your dreams with determination by doing the following:

  • Set clear goals and write them down. Having a specific plan in mind will help you stay focused and motivated.
  • Take responsibility for your actions. If something doesn’t go the way it should, don’t blame others – accept it was your choice and learn from the experience.
  • Be persistent. Don’t give up when things get tough – remember, success takes time and effort.
  • Be positive. Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve great things. Visualize yourself reaching your goals.

What Role Does Accountability Play in Developing an Ownership Mentality?

One of the most important things in developing an owner’s mindset is accountability.

When you’re accountable for something, you’re much more likely to take pride in it and want to see it succeed. You’ll be more careful and put more effort into ensuring what you do meets the high standards you set for yourself. 

Because if you don’t feel accountable for something, you’re less likely to care or take responsibility for it. 

Feeling responsible motivates you to do and be your best, whether it’s a project at work or a chore at home. And when you do your best, you can feel proud of your accomplishments. 

How Can I Measure Whether or Not I’m Developing an Ownership Mentality?

One of the best ways to measure whether or not you are developing an owner’s mentality is through your performance and effectiveness.

After all, putting in the hard work and seeing results is how you know you’re on the right track!

But how can you tell if you’re working towards an owner’s mentality?

Here Are Some Key Indicators:

  • You’re taking on more responsibility.
  • You’re proactively seeking out new challenges.
  • You’re setting higher standards for yourself.
  • You’re constantly striving to improve.

The Benefits of Having Such a Mindset as a Business Owner

There are benefits to having an owner’s mindset as a business owner.

For one, you create a culture of accountability in your organization. As the leader, you set the tone. And when you take responsibility for your actions and decisions, your team is more likely to do the same.

Benefits of Having an Ownership Mindset

Accountability leads to increased trust within the organization.

Plus, when employees have an ownership mentality, it leads to better engagement and organizational outcomes.

How a Leadership Mentality Can Make Your Business Successful

A leadership mentality can make your business successful in many ways.

One of which is ensuring everyone in your company focuses on making the business successful.

When everyone is vested in the company’s success, they’re more likely to go above and beyond to ensure it succeeds.

They’ll also come up with new ideas and are more willing to take risks.

A leadership mentality will also help your employees feel happy and motivated. If they feel they have a stake in the company, they’re more likely to stick around and do their best.

So how do you create a leadership mentality in your business?

Give Employees Equity in The Company

One of the best ways is to have your employees feel like they have a stake in the company. Give them stock options, or come up with a profit-sharing program.

No matter what form it takes, giving your employees equity will make them feel like they are truly part of the company.

Encourage Open Communication

One more way is to encourage open communication between all company levels.

Everyone should feel like they can contribute ideas and have a voice in decision-making.

Owner's Mindset

Employees who feel heard will buy into the company’s goals and mission.

Promote a Culture of Transparency

A final way to can create a leadership mentality within is to promote a culture of transparency within your company.

Everyone should know the company’s financial situation and where things are heading.

Employees feel genuinely part of a team when kept in the loop. Plus, they’re more likely to trust the leadership of the company.

How to Get Teams Involved and Create an Ownership Mindset?

A team’s ownership mindset starts with setting the right tone from the top.

Culture and having the right people on board are a great start.

But, leaders need to model the behavior they want to see from their team members. Modeling means taking responsibility for mistakes, celebrating successes, and being open to feedback.

Leaders also need to make it clear everyone on the team needs to contribute and take responsibility for results.

One way to do this is to give team members autonomy and allow them to make decisions. Doing so will help team members feel invested in the team’s success.

Ownership Mindset within My Organization and Business

One more way leaders can develop an owner’s mindset on a team is to provide opportunities for personal and professional development.

Options can include offering mentorship or stretch assignments.

When team members feel like they are growing and developing, they are more likely to take ownership of their work. 

Leaders must also encourage respect and create an environment where team members feel safe, heard, and have mutual trust.

As the leader, you’re responsible for all outcomes.

You need to be open and honest with team members. Value their input and productivity, and treat them with respect. 

A leader’s job isn’t to make all the decisions.


What you want to do instead is set your team up to make good, sound decisions about their work and then have their backs.

Even when they take a risk and fail.

The Book Extreme Ownership Can Help You and Your Business Objectives

In the book, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win (2015), Jocko Willink and Leif Babin discuss what it is and how to develop an ownership mindset

The authors define an ownership mindset as “the ability to take responsibility for everything within their sphere of influence.” 

Taking responsibility includes self-confidence and the ability to overcome fear. Willink and Babin state an owner’s mindset is essential for success in all areas of life, especially business and leadership.

They argue taking responsibility for your actions – even when things go wrong – is needed for success. 

The book provides concrete examples of how you can apply this mindset to personal and professional situations.

In addition, the authors offer strategies for developing an owner’s perspective, such as focusing on solutions rather than excuses. 

By reading Extreme Ownership, you can learn how to become a more effective leader in all areas of your life. I highly recommend giving it a read when you get the chance.

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