Simplicity is The Key to Happiness

No matter what shape your finances are in simplicity is the key to happiness.

And we can all benefit from knowing our monthly expenses.

Yet, very few people can honestly say they have too much money in their savings account.

So let’s see how we can save you some money!

When trying to save yourself some money you only have two options.

  1. Either you make more money
  2. Or reduce how much you spend each month.

In this post, I will focus on reducing your expenses and not making more money below.


Well, because… sometimes not everyone wants to get another job or start a side hustle in their free time. Many of us want to work, relax, or focus on other things when we have free time.

So Let’s Find Out How to Reduce Your Expenses And:

  • Protect your financial future
  • Simplify your existence
  • And learn how to be happy with your life now, and not later

Start By Thinking First

If simplicity is the key to happiness, thinking first is the key to simplicity.

Ask yourself: how much do you really need?

For example, we all need shelter of some sort. But if you live alone and have no children, do you really need a two-bedroom apartment or house?

Could you thrive in a studio or rent a room in someone else’s home and build up your savings to invest or build a business?

Housing is probably one of if not THE biggest expense you have. Followed by spending on food and transportation.

And yes, we all need food and water.

But if you find that a lot of your cash is being spent on takeout or deli food and you’re drinking too much soda, it’s time for a change.

Take a trip to a used bookstore or go through your shelf and find an old community cookbook. I prefer a physical cookbook versus using Google or YouTube recipes.

Fewer ads when I’m trying to focus and cook. But if you don’t mind the ads, use your phone. There are millions of free recipes online.

Pop that recipe open and read up on a few basic recipes you can make ahead of time.

That way, you’re not starving and out of ideas at the end day.

And don’t underestimate your community and who you know. Socializing and networking with others is good for your mental and emotional health.

It’s been proven to help you live longer. And can save you money.

So if you’ve lost touch with friends and family due to COVID or just because you’re busy, block out some time and reach out.

Your parents and grandparents probably have some great ideas on simplicity and saving money. Pick their brains for ideas that can help you now.

Or someone else in your community you believe is good with money.

Then Enjoy Yourself a “Freekend”

If you’ve never had time to meal plan, start with a freekend.

Take a look at the grocery store ads on Wednesday and figure out what you want to eat for the week.

Buy your groceries on Thursday evening with the intention of spending no money until Monday after work.

Freekends are fun and, well, freeing. They’re all about living in the moment and not worrying about shit that doesn’t really matter.

Go outside and have some fun:

  • Practice your golf swing
  • Play a sport you enjoy
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Take a walk and hang out in nature

Or take whatever it is you’d normally do inside outdoors.

But no matter what, try and enjoy your weekend and do things that cost you no money at all.

There’s plenty of free activities, places, and events to keep you entertained. You have to be open-minded to trying something new and finding something to do.

And if you absolutely can’t come up with anything, go and visit a friend.

Change How You View Entertainment

To fully embrace the idea that simplicity is the key to happiness, you may have to change what you consider fun.

If spending money and shopping with your friends is part of your desire for connection and entertainment, be honest.

Let them know you’re trying to simplify things and better handle your finances and spending.

Some of your pals may choose to continue shopping and spending money without you, but that’s OK.

Because you have goals and money you need to stack.

Others may be relieved they’re not the only ones that need a break from credit card spending.

And even if you have the money, more stuff won’t make you happy. Freedom and the ability to pick and choose how you spend your time will.

I’m not telling you never to spend money at all.

Just keep a close eye on things if you’re trying to save yourself some money. You can buy things, but you can’t buy everything you want all the time.

And when you do find something you want to buy, think things through before spending.

Or swiping your credit card. 

Become Aware of Trends

Are you decluttering to get more space and flexibility in your life, or because you saw someone else doing it on TV or online?

Trends often start as a good idea. But they can quickly blow up into something that’s not useful at all.

Not everyone is gonna be happy having a closet filled with a basic wardrobe. Many of us need clothing for a wide variety of temperatures and events.

And sometimes you might gain or lose a few pounds depending on the season.

But if you have clothes or possessions that have no life left in them, toss them. And if you have items that no longer fit in your life, sell them.

Or donate and give them to someone who needs them.

Simplify things because simplicity is the key to happiness. And if recent trends are telling you to get rid of all but a few of what you own, think before you get rid of it.

If You’re Always Sad Monitor Your Intake

If you’re really struggling to find joy in simplicity, step back from your television and avoid your social media accounts for a while.

These tools are not helpful or healthy when you’re trying to clear your mind and life of excess.

Social media, in particular, can create a false positive about acquiring new items or improving your home. It’s not going to keep making you happy.

Sure, your friend or someone you follow may post a new photo of their car. But they didn’t show you their bank account.

And they may have pictures from their vacation. But none showing the fights about the money they have with their spouse every time they get paid.

Or the amount of debt they’ve recently racked up going on that fancy international trip. They only show you the highlights.

Yes, travel and experiences matter.

But they should not put you in debt. Or make you unhappy because you now have to pay back the bank and credit card companies.

Social Media and Advertising are Designed to Let You Know: 

  • This new thing will make you happy
  • You must have this new thing to be XXX type of person
  • Without this new thing, you will be stuck being YYY type of person

But you don’t have to pay attention to what’s going on online.

Choose happiness.

And enjoy the tremendous amount of happiness that comes along with living a simple life.

Be ready to step back from the greed consuming this world and celebrate simple items and activities.

Because the most basic and best things in life are free, and it’s also the plain and most basic things in life that bless us the most.

This is why simplicity is the key to happiness.

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