Success is The Best Revenge

Failure makes you question things.

It happens to the best of us:

  • Your business partner takes off with everything you worked hard to build together
  • You get rejected so many times you end up doubting yourself
  • Your life partner decides they no longer want anything to do with you

We’ve all faced situations like these. Disappointment.

They’re really terrible situations that make you question everything you believed in at first. 

And before you realize success is the best revenge, you need to understand you have very little control over many situations.

But each one has a lesson you can learn from. Lessons that’ll make you stronger in the future.

Many of your future victories will be a direct result of the battles and rough patches you have faced in life.

Why We Like Seeking Revenge

When we face challenges, especially those caused by people you think you know, seeking revenge starts looking like the best way out.

But what if we took a step back and think of ways to improve ourselves as revenge?

We might realize success is the best revenge.

Revenge has little to do with teaching others a lesson in this case. As humans, it’s natural for us to overlook the good things life gives us.

They seem normal. And when things don’t turn out as we’d like, it makes us anxious. 

In situations where our struggles are brought on by others, realize the person causing it might not know the pain they’re causing us.

So… What’d We Do About It?

When situations of failure and pain torment us, we get irritated.

Try to compete or fight with others. And hold grudges that might go on for years. It’s easy to let pain overcome us. And it leads us to seek revenge in ways that are meant to harm those who brought us misfortune.

We think we’ll find happiness in seeing others suffer, but it rarely goes that way. 

The best way of coming to terms with failure is picking yourself up and pushing on to achieve what you couldn’t in the first place.

Letting our emotions get the best of us brings us fear, anxiety, and stress.

If instead, we push beyond the problems we face and finally succeed, the outcome will be and feel incredible.

What is Success?

Success is more than a huge bank account and having assets all over the world.

If you’re less worried, less stressed, happy, and peaceful, you have achieved success in your life.

Success also simply means – trying to move forward from one point in life to a better one. 

The most successful people in the world had to go through tough times, just like the rest of us. 

If you thought actors and actresses are famous because they’re naturally successful, you probably don’t know Sylvester Stallone’s story.

Stallone encountered terrible luck. He was rejected 1,500 times and had to seek shelter on a bus because he couldn’t afford a roof over his head.

His success and reward for not giving up on his quest landed him 3 Oscars in 1977 thanks to his Rocky hit series.

Success and Revenge

It doesn’t matter the nature of the situation you’re facing as you read this.

Whether you have encountered more than a thousand rejections or everyone insists you cannot achieve what you set out to do.

Always remember success is the BEST revenge you will ever take.

Why Success is The Best Revenge?

Success has nothing to do with proving other people wrong.

It’s all about demonstrating to yourself you are indeed capable of facing your fears and rising out of the muddy uncertainty that’s tried to pull you down.

When you focus on the process, the results speak for themselves.

There’re several important reasons why success is the best form of revenge. And I’ll talk about them and I really hope they help you out.

1. The Taste of Victory After Several Failures is Sweet

You might fail hundreds of times before getting something.

But the taste of victory after failure cannot really be easily measured. If you struggle for many years to achieve something, especially something everyone thought you’d never achieve, success is going to feel amazing.

But why is this?

When feelings of fear and lack of confidence overwhelm us, we turn into our own enemies. Holding on to things that cannot help us achieve anything.

But what if we make it one day?

Imagine achieving your life-long dream! You’ll really feel that your hard work paid off.

And once you get there, enjoy it. Take some time to enjoy your freedom before pushing yourself higher.

2. When You Overcome Your Fears, You Grow

We all have our fears.

They make achieving success quite a hard task if we don’t break them. 

Our fear prevents us from taking big strides because we believe we don’t have what it takes to succeed.

Fear starts showing up in the form of internal arguments and grows when we hear other people’s opinions. Especially the negative ones. Being told you can’t achieve something feeds the part of your mind that tries to convince you something is impossible.

But once you overcome those fears, success will feel like the best revenge. It will leave you a changed person.

Because all your failures will have made you a tougher and stronger individual.

Facing our fears connects us with the things we love deeply. It makes us appreciate love, the people around us, and life in general.

Very few things are as meaningful and transformative.

3. You Realize Positive Thinking Overcomes Negativity

Negative thoughts are natural.

They arise from fear. And are fueled by everything we encounter in the world. Anyone that tells us we’re not capable of doing something just makes the situation worse.

Staying positive in the middle of such negativity is hard.

Even so, when our goals are valuable to us, we should do everything in our power to drive through by keeping a tough mind and an open mindset. This is how you WILL achieve your goals.

Positivity overcomes any negative thoughts that are likely to make us lose our focus.

We all face tough times at certain points in our lives. It pays off to stay positive regardless of the uncertainties in our way.

4. Who Are Your True Friends?

If you were a few million dollars richer, you’d realize your friends and family can fill an entire town.

Everyone will be so friendly, offer advice, tell you how much they love you, and probably start asking for a cut.

Because whenever we are succeeding, everyone is eager to help us enjoy the outcome. We are the light, and they are the moths scrambling to get attached to us. 

Get rid of that success, and you’ll learn the real number of friends you have. Life is funny.

No one really wants to socialize with a loser. Everyone wants to stay close to a winner because of the low risk associated with them. 

But what if after winning for a while, we go through several failures that leave us poor?

This can be a blessing in disguise. It will allow you to identify those who are truly there for you. They will be the ones left standing by your side.

When you have nothing to offer to those around you, only those that are concerned about your wellbeing are going to stay around.

And when you make a comeback, the people that neglected you will magically reappear. Take note. Because you don’t need to entertain them anymore.

5. Success Proves Us Wrong

There is so much we are capable of doing.

Even without knowing we can outdo our expectations. Our imagination knows no bounds.

Look at the many different innovations of the last 100 years!

Those that lived before us would have been surprised by what we have been able to achieve in such a short time.

Humanity as we know it has exceeded the expectations that were probably predicted in the past.

It’s nothing short of a full-powered miracle.

Regardless, anytime we are sad because of failure, we are unable to realize our full potential.

When we eventually achieve our goals, success truly feels like the best revenge possible.

We start to fully comprehend the extent to which we can go to complete tasks meant to make us reach our goals.

Putting your mind to work. And focusing without distractions will guarantee your success. Which will also require resilience and persistence to reach the finish line.

Winning is quite magical.

Because achieving the impossible makes us understand all of our hearts and souls’ desires are within reach.

Hold on to Your Goals

As soon as you start having faith in your ability to succeed, you’ll want to spend more time with and around other successful people.

Their network and perspectives will benefit you. Bringing out your inner potential.

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