Keep Faith Tough Times Don’t Last

Broke pockets, heartbreaks, and tough times happen.

Accept it.

Because the sooner you do, the easier it is to move on.

Bad things are going to happen to you in life. Shit, you didn’t plan for or see coming.

But tough times don’t last; tough people do.

And even when things get rough, don’t let them stop you from living how you want to live.

A few bad moments should not ruin all the good you have and will experience later in life.

How to Survive Tough Times

When shit happens, and it will snuggle up in a nice chair with your spouse, child, pet, partner, or call a friend.

Watch a movie you’ve enjoyed before. Talk about some of your best memories or plan new ones.

Because when you’re going through tough times, connecting and talking with others is good for your soul.

These moments are healing.

And they allow us to bring back some form of order when we’re going through crazy times.

Doing something you love. Or are familiar with, like working out, gaming, fishing, or hiking, will take your mind off a lot.

Cuz when the world gets crazy, and you don’t know what’s coming next, traditions and familiarity provide comfort.

A pattern you can work with while everything else settles down.

If You Need to Ask For Help

Have you always been someone who could survive the toughest moments of life without shedding a tear?

If yes, then asking for help is something you’re not used to.

Something you don’t wanna do. And your last option.

But when you’re going through a really tough time you should.

Reaching out for help allows you to open up about what’s falling apart in your life and brings support and guidance from elders and others around you.

People who know you and have been through the same storm you’re currently going through.

And, your ability to stand up and say, “I’m really struggling with XXX and could use some help,” creates an opportunity for those near you to also open up.

This is important if you’ve always been a helper and not a recipient. 

Give other people a chance to help you out for a change.

Learning From Disaster

When tough times happen and they will, you should… learn from them.

And the fastest way to learn something is by:

  • Really messing it up – experience
  • Taking it apart and putting it back together
  • Presenting or talking about it as a guide or instructor

Because tough times are coming for each of us, things will fall apart and can really leave us asking why?

And scratching our heads.

But even if you didn’t cause it, you have a chance to learn from it.

And then do something about it.

Find Time to Focus

When things really fall apart, you might feel like you’re just stumbling from fire to fire without focus.

Or seeing any real results. So try something different.

Get a few important tasks out the way early in the day and use the rest of the day to focus on what really matters.

Get up thirty minutes to an hour earlier and prepare the night before, so all you have to do is get up and get to work.

Stretch, say a few words of gratitude, and focus on what you’re trying to do.

There isn’t much you can control these days. But gratitude is a choice. And being grateful can brighten your mood and outlook on life.

So be grateful and be present.

We often get anxious when we think too much about the future or sad when reflecting on things that have already happened.

Take care of yourself and your family, and look forward only to the sunset or night at the end of the coming day.

Don’t stress about next month or even next week.

Just focus on today.

What’re you going to do today to stay strong and flexible enough to care for yourself and those you love despite your hardships?

Trust and Lean on Your Ancestors

If your troubles are monetary, think back to a memory.

Maybe one of your mother baking. Or your grandmother fixing something, sewing on a button, or taking care of you.

If your troubles are at work, remember the smell of your father’s lunch bag or thermos.

Things for them likely got tough. And they had their own struggles. But they were strong in their belief that tough times don’t last.

They kept going.

And I’m sure you know a family member who has lived through some tough patches. All so you can get to where you are today.

Steven Pressfield, the author of The War of Art, talks of something he learned in the military: to “shut up and keep humping.”

When it feels that life isn’t fair or that you’re paying for sins you didn’t commit, remember you’re not alone.

And it’s always a good idea to remind yourself there are others out there who’d give anything to have the troubles you’re facing instead of the ones they’ve got.

This is not a “you think you’ve got it bad?” statement.

Each of us has some connection to someone who’s been through some tough times.

Have Faith. Things Will Get Better

The tough times you might be going through right now are temporary.

Time will pass.

And when it does, it has a way of making things better or at least more manageable.

So, if you need someone to lean on, reach out.

Even if they’re not family, a conversation with an elder can make your problems and challenges a bit easier to manage and face.

They’ve always set me straight and pointed me in a new direction.

Because problems are normal, they’re going to happen.

We humans don’t like change but try thinking about your problems as a puzzle. There are ways to solve them, and you might just be missing one critical piece.

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