Why Do People Blog and Why I Blog

Why do people blog?

Well, that’s a very complicated answer. And I can’t speak for every blogger.

I’m writing this a couple of months into my blogging journey. But before I get any further, I thought I thought I should get that question out of the way. Here’s my answer…

Why I Blog and Why Do People Blog?

If anything this is a post for me to look back on down the road.

I’ll probably come back and expand upon this post while on my journey.

But here’s my plain and simple answer to the question above:

I’m blogging for FREEDOM!!!!!

When I write there’s a sense of peace that comes along with it.

That’s pretty much it. Mental-freedom.

Why I Blog

If someone asked me to give a one-word answer as to why that’d be it.

Freedom. It’s the only reason I’m typing this.

And freedom not just in a financial sense either.

My Dreams are Worth More Than Money

For me, the freedom of blogging means a whole lot more than the possibility of making some money out of it.

I want to look back one day, hopefully, many years from now, and say my blogging and writing made an impact. It left an impression.

It helped someone, gave meaning to my life, left behind a message, a legacy, a window into how I thought, who I was, and what I was passionate about.

Something that I can look back on when this thing is all said and done.

And also something my children and grandchildren can look back on if I ever end up having any.

I think that’d be really cool. That’s why I blog.

Technology and The Internet Has Changed Our Lives Forever

I never had anything like this to remember my grandparents by.

My paternal grandmother Miriam Louise Grant was the only grandparent I really had a relationship with. Both my mother’s parents passed before I was even born.

But every time I sit here to write, I think of how I would’ve loved having a conversation with my grandparents I never had the chance to meet.

By watching, reading or hearing someone’s voice you can get to know them. Even if you’re not physically there with them or having an actual conversation with them.

It’s 2018 and technology has changed our lives so vastly. What’s now possible since my grandparents have passed is so different.


And still, with each passing day our technology gets better and better. It’s almost unbelievable.

Who knows where we’ll be in the next 5, 10, 20 years. Crazy right?

It’s awesome to think our grandkids and future generations will have video, audio, and social media posts of us.

Along with a whole bunch of other things that’ve been captured by the internet that will highlight our lives. From different status updates to your favorite vacation spot, photos, and user profiles you’ve created to the many interactions you had with others.

The Written Word Has and Always Will Remain Timeless.

Just like a photograph.

I’m not sure if it’s because of my time spent serving in the armed forces, but writing comes a little easier for me than making audio recordings or videos.

So I blog. I blog for freedom.

I blog for myself, and I blog for the future members of my family. The future Riley’s, and those I might not get the chance to meet.

Father and Son

I blog for those that are willing to read.

I blog to tell and document this crazy thing called life.

And I blog because there’s a chance this can evolve.

While I want to capture certain memories and thoughts, I want to make this into something bigger than me. I’d love for it to become a platform and not just an outlet.

A platform that makes life a little easier for others and not just me. Exactly what this looks like is still to be determined.

So that’s why I blog – for the freedom and legacy.

To capture my experiences and useful things or “vibes” in a way that others can come back and read whenever they’d like.

And as for exactly why do people blog, I think it’s for similar reasons.

For freedom and to share whatever the hell they want with others online and across the world.

One Love! – Riley

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