Winning The Game of Money

In life, winning the game of money is a huge achievement.

Because money is a game we all play.

Whether you want to or not. Because money is just a tool and resource. We all use it to get things done.

It would be best if you viewed earning, working, saving, and investing as a relationship. It’s a game — a real-life game, where there is no option to stop playing it.

Until you’ve reached financial independence.

We all play. Whether we want to or not, whether we know it or not, the money game is mandatory.

So if you have to play it, then why not learn it!

Ignorance is why most people never learn about money. And it’s also the main reason most will play the game the same way.

This is why so many of us are caught up in the rat race.

Looking for that next slice of cheese 🧀 (paycheck).

But let’s look at how we can play in a new way. Winning the game of money 💰 and the grand prize at the end – Financial Freedom!

How Long is The Money Game?

Every game has a set period.

Many games are usually played by sets. Some by points.

Others by two equally divided half times. And others in four quarters and other time structures.

Now let’s look at our everyday lives. Many of us leave school around 18-25 and plan to retire at age 65. Viewed as a game, that means people play the game of money on average for about 40 years.

In this sense, the money game in which people play for 40 years is—four ten-year quarters at a time (4×10=40) or two halftimes of two quarters each (20+20=40).

During those 40 years, people in this age range hope to earn and save enough money to ONE day finally retire.

And the time it takes to achieve financial freedom will determine how long they must continue playing the wonderful game of money.

Some reach their financial freedom at age 47; winning the game of money and leaving it shortly after the end of the second quarter.

Others tend to get out of their game at 37, shortly after the end of the first quarter.

But are you with me so far?

I hope so. Because I want you to know the money game doesn’t have to last all 40 years. You can win the game and stop playing before that.

But those who don’t manage to save or invest enough money in the 40 year period they’re playing and work past the age of 65 are doing overtime.

And yes, that may be good for some individuals.

Some studies have shown working and maintaining a regular schedule will likely make them healthier. But they emphasize there’s a difference between having to work and wanting to work.

You don’t want to be stuck bagging groceries or working in a dusty warehouse when you could’ve won the game of money. Because when you win, you’re in control.

You choose what you wanna do with your time instead. Work becomes optional.

Note: There are also timeouts in the game. This means you’re alive but physically inactive to continue working. Or you’re not working and not currently playing the game of money.

What is The Rat Race?

It’s a struggle or competitive search we humans participate in to get ahead financially or routinely for their well-being and financial freedom.

It’s the way most people play: exchanging our time for money.

And in this way, we’re often caught in a vicious cycle of working so we can spend all of our money on things and bills.

Resting for 6-8 hours each night and doing it all over and over again. Week after week and month after month. And at the same time, getting ourselves into more and more debt along the way.

And those of us who decide to play the game like this have pretty predictable results. Statistics have even shown 95 to 97% of us play the game of money this way globally.

Here are some consequences of playing the money game like this:

  • We acquire a routine and boring way of life. (repeating the same day 40 years, waiting for Fridays and paydays)
  • We’re stuck living life on the edge, usually in debt.
  • Enslaved by our source(s) of income.
  • We put off or never end up living out our dreams or aspirations.
  • Unhappiness becomes the norm.

All of which makes winning the game of money pretty hard.

How Can We Play in a New Way?

The new way demands discipline and self-control.

To win the game and achieve financial freedom, you have to change your mindset when it comes to money.

Go from being a consumer who only spends their money on goods and services to an investor who commands their money. Using it to create more and more money.

You’ll have to learn new habits and attitudes towards money.

And find other ways to increase your income so you can make it to the finish line, win the game of money, and achieve financial freedom.

Follow The Next Three Actions:

  1. Start by saving 10% of your monthly income. If your income increases, raise it to 12%; If you continue to increase, continue adjusting your savings – go to 14%. The goal is to save more whenever your income allows it.
  2. Then automate your savings. Each time you get money deposited, your bank will automatically send a percentage directly to your investment fund.
  3. Find a way to live on less and keep investing what’s left.

Commit to not touching a penny of the money that comes in for this system above. And you will be taking the first step towards your financial freedom.

And Winning!!

By playing this new way, that is, trying to get out of the employment or self-employed trap, you often run the risk of:

  • Living debt-free.
  • Growing as an individual.
  • Experiencing a life worth living.
  • Expanding the vision of what you capable of achieving.
  • Have the ability to dream and achieve what you desire.
  • Can be an example for others.
  • Leave a legacy worth following.

All it takes is dedication and learning how to move in the world of money.

And along the way you should keep in mind money isn’t the most important thing in life.

However, in our world, building things, supporting your family, purpose, dreams, and needs make it a requirement to learn about money.

Especially if winning the game of money is something you want to do.

The Money Quadrant

Some tools determine various ways to earn money.

We are now going to expand on the information by talking about the money quadrant, a diagram in the shape of a Cartesian axis with four quadrants in two columns:

  • In the first column on the left side are: at the top the Employee (E) and the bottom the Self-employed (S).
    • According to this tool, this column contains 97% of the world population that owns 3% of the money (linear income). Where are you located on this axis?

That is to say; the first one exchanges their time and effort for money; they’re people who generally seek safety over risk and wealth.

In the second, the income of money depends on the time you put into running your business.

Typically, they’re people who want to be their own boss or do things their way in terms of work.

The big question is: What happens when they can’t physically attend to the business?

  • In the second column on the right side are: at the top the Business Owner (B) and at the bottom the Investor (I). According to the tool, 3% of the world’s population owns 97% of the money (residual income).

In this case, the business owners invest money in a business and have employees who take care of their investment.

They delegate their work and supervise.

In comparison, the investor has money-generating profits that don’t depend on the time and effort they can dedicate.

They are people who do not need to work because their money is already working for them. All of us fit in one of these four quadrants. But the question is…

Which one do you want to be in?

Live Well and Choose Happiness

Winning the money game is a hard-fought war.

The game of money isn’t something only reserved for the experts and teachers of the game. Victory is possible for anyone who knows the rules and plays the game strategically.

And success in this game gives you the option of being happy and living well like anyone else but in a more comfortable way.

Your way.

We must also keep in mind that life as our parents and grandparents knew it has changed. And winning the game of money will require a different approach.

Because you can’t do everything the way they did it.

We live in a constantly changing world.

But many rules remain universal, simple, and practical, like compound interest. The secret is knowing how to use them correctly to come out on top and victorious.

Because your money will go to work for you and make what you want a reality, it will multiply for you year after year and lead to you winning the game of money.

Rules For Winning The Game of Money

  1. Money must be in motion to generate more money.
  2. Who cannot take care of the pennies will not be able to retain dollars.
  3. Our economic system keeps people without money – they cannot play the game.
  4. Money is like oxygen; we only notice its importance when it’s scarce.
  5. Avoid bad debts and anything that only takes money out of your pocket.
  6. The best business is the one that creates higher profits in less time and with less risk.
  7. Money only remains with those who respect it; this does not mean worshiping it.
  8. If the majority is doing something with their money, it may no longer be a good idea.

The Secret is in Perseverance

As human beings, our self-confidence level will have ups and downs.

It’s an everyday reality that generally happens to any as we go about our lives. No one’s exempt from that reality.

And this is where perseverance comes into play. Perseverance consists of making an effort to create good things.

It demands we learn and develop new talents to achieve our goals and provide services to others.

Striving to overcome any obstacles that might get in our way.

It means we can improve day after day, year after year, and achieve what we set our minds to over the years.

A persistent person often doesn’t criticize other people’s weaknesses. But struggles to eliminate his own.

When something negatively affects your confidence, you should be understanding with yourself.

Learn from what happened. Think about how you can do better, and keep that in mind for next time.

Talk about what happened to someone who cares about you. Then remind yourself of your strengths and all that you have achieved so far.

And come back to your everyday life!

Keep these three teachings in mind:

  1. If we have perseverance, we can achieve any worthy goal.
  2. It takes perseverance to stay on your path to success.
  3. We must persevere if we want to help others.

IMPORTANT: Make a detailed plan with your goals!

This, combined with perseverance, is essential to achieving your goals, winning the game of money, and having a wonderful life.

You need to ignite the fire 🔥 within you.

Figure out what will get you closer, step by step, to your dream life and financial freedom.

And help move you closer to winning the game of money.

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