How to Save Money By Saying No

Saying “yes” to others is easy. But why do that when you can save money by saying no?

It takes courage to say “no”.

While saying “yes” has a time and place. Sometimes we do too much and take on more than we can handle. Especially when it comes to our finances.

If you said “no” instead of “yes” for many things you’d be in a better place.

So… if you’ve ever had a hard time saying “no”, I wrote this blog post for you!

But if you don’t want to read it all, here’s the quick version:

How To Save Money By Saying “No” = Nike’s Slogan “Just Do It”

That’s right folks, just do it!

Unless they’re your spouse or child, you’re not obligated to say “yes” when someone else requests something. You are responsible for yourself. Everyone else will be okay.

Life goes on, and they’ll figure things out after you’ve said “no”.

The Best Things in Life Are Free

When you say “no” you’re not missing out on anything either. At the moment you might feel like you are but you’re not.

I used to feel guilty every time I missed an event or went out with my friends. But guess what!

You can save your money and have as good of a time at home as you would’ve going out.

There are cheaper things you can do at home versus going out on the road. So feel free to say “no” the next time your friends ask you to go out.

Or suggest some more affordable activities you can all do together. You don’t need to spend your money or swipe to have a good time.

Save Money By Saying No

Hanging out, vibing with those you love, it’s free.

Here are some free activities you can do that I enjoy:

  • Watching a movie at home
  • Going for a walk
  • And my favorite, game night

Going out, drinking, and dealing with the hangover or guilt the next day is not worth your hard-earned money.

So say “no” and save yourself some money the next time you don’t feel like stepping out.

Finding Your Balance and Save Money By Saying No

Another way saying “no” can save you money is what I like to call “lifestyle balance”. For me, it’s not quite lifestyle deflation and it isn’t lifestyle inflation.

But what you’re going to do is say “no” and let your friend and those around you – the “Joneses” pass you up.

While they do that, you focus on living your best life. And be content with what you already have.

Spending the money and buying more stuff isn’t going to bring you more happiness.

Saving Money By Saying No

You’re smarter than that. And you’re better off keeping your money than spending it on meaningless items you don’t need.

Don’t get a new car, house, or go on any vacation you can’t afford. At least not yet.

Because deep down you know most of your friends didn’t pay cash for those things anyway. They used debt to please their short-term desires.

By saying “no”, you avoid sacrificing years of your life to pay back a loan or bad investment you made twelve months ago.  

So don’t it!

Say “no” when saying “yes” doesn’t serve you and your future.
Say “no” so you can focus on what’s important to you.
Say “no” to meet your savings goals.
Say “no” so you can have more time to do what you want and love.

Which by the way can be anything:

  • Passion projects
  • Working out
  • Cooking
  • Watching Netflix
  • Working on a side hustle
  • Reading
  • “Insert your favorite thing to do” 

Whatever it is you want to do. Saying “no” gives you the power to do more of it.

Have a conversation with your friends and loved ones beforehand. Explain to them what you are doing you. Tell them you need their support.

If they don’t support your decision, then tough luck. Do what’s best for you.


Because they are sure as hell are gonna do what’s best for them. And who knows maybe your act of saying “no” will inspire them.

Make them question things and start saying “yes” less.

Commit to Being Self-First and Save Money By Saying No

It’s amazing how much money being “self-first” can save you. And, it’s pretty much the same as saying “no”.

With a “self-first” mindset you’re sure to get ahead. You’ll eventually have the ability to look out for those you love most because you say “no”.

You can’t take care of others without taking care of yourself first.

And if you do, you’re gonna struggle and put yourself in a position where you can’t help others. Even though you want to help, you never took the time to help yourself first so you just can’t.

It’s like when you’re on the plane, unbothered, and happy as ever.  

The flight attendant comes on and instructs you “in case of an emergency put your mask on first”. And if you’ve flown enough times, you know you’re supposed to do this before helping others.

You don’t question it because you know if the plane’s going down you’re no help to others if you don’t help yourself first.

So when I say you have to say “no”, you’re not being selfish.

Others label you that when they don’t understand why you’re doing what you do. You’re being “self-first” not selfish. And as long as you can live with the decisions you make then cheers, onwards and upward!

Being “self-first” has made saving money and life easier for me. How?

Well, I know why I’m saying “no”.

As a result, I never mind saying “no” when something doesn’t align with what I’m trying to do or where I’m trying to go.

No one is going to love or look out for you as much as you.

People will tell you one thing and do another.

Use you for what you have, whom you know and how you make them feel in the moment. But you and your priorities should always come first.

If others don’t understand you, you have to be okay with that. You have to know and find your why.  

The Cost of Saying “Yes”

You might underestimate the cost of saying “yes”. Being polite and going along with everything can rob you of your precious time and resources.

If something doesn’t serve you, your goals, or your life, then don’t do it. You can do anything but you can’t do everything at the same time.

You Can Relax and Save Money by Saying No

Happy hour, going out on the weekend and other events come with a cost. Opportunity cost!

Using your money, for one thing, means you can’t use it for something else. We’d all like to buy certain things but we can’t buy everything.

Unless you’re already filthy rich. But even then money is a resource. And resources run out if they’re not replenished over time.

For example, saying no instead of spending $5-$10 on your lunch break at work each day can save you hundreds of dollars each month. And because you didn’t buy lunch every day, you can spend that money somewhere else.

Yes, you could’ve bought and enjoyed the food like the King and Queen you are. But YOU chose otherwise!

Mindful Spending

If you don’t spend money today, you’ll have more to spend at a future date. This is known as delayed gratification, and It requires discipline. But it’s oh so worth it.

I’m not saying be a homebody and never go out.

But if you pick and choose what you want, you could do more of that, and less of what you don’t.

When you say “no” and save for tomorrow you can still have a good time. You just plan on celebrating and making big moves later on. After you’ve saved and invested your money.

That way you’ll have at least 5-10% of your money compounded over time to spend on the things that matter to you. But be careful because along the way you’ll have to avoid a few things… The internet makes it easy to spend money you should have set aside.

And why you should say “no!”

Businesses have reduced the time it takes for you to buy things you don’t need.

You no longer have to plan, get in your car and drive to a store. Instead, with the push of a button, you can have almost whatever you want shipped to your house.

And while this is a beautiful thing, it can be dangerous.

Dangerous to your budget and whatever savings goals you might have. Don’t believe me?

Go back and add up everything you’ve spent online in the last year or two. If you want to get a better idea then do the last five years. You just might be shocked, and angry with yourself. I know I am after seeing how much I’ve spent online.

And I’m not telling you that you have to say “no” forever either. It’s temporary. Short-term sacrifices can change your life.

In one year, you could be in a whole different place than you are right now.

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • And Emotionally

All because you said “no”.

Your investments will be hard at work producing income for you. And sure, living in the moment once in a while is fun. But only if you’re prepared, have enough saved for your future. And are ready for any unforeseen emergency.

If not, when you come to and realize how much money you’ve spent “living it up”, you might not be so happy anymore. So say “no” when you’re out shopping, buying groceries, and doing other errands.  

You don’t need that extra item.

When I go shopping now, if it’s not on my list before I reach the store, I don’t need it. You never planned on buying that item. So, say “no” and move on.

Or do what I do and tell yourself “if I need it, I can always come back and buy it later.”

Don’t make retail therapy a thing. Stores are always coming up with new and different ways to sell you (don’t be a victim).

Instead, repeat after me…

Patience = Freedom, Save Money By Saying No

The easiest way for me to always say “no” is to remember why I say no.

If you know your why and your what, saying “no” is easy and will save you money.

Vacation Poolside

Saying it becomes gratifying.

When you have a reason to say “no”, you have something you can point to and justify your decision. Something that makes you feel proud.

You have a plan for your money. And nothing and nor anyone will get in your way of achieving it. Your future is more important than an expensive dinner or shopping spree.

Save, and invest the money:

  • You would’ve used to go out
  • Loaned to others
  • Spent on food
  • Went shopping with
  • And wasted on impulse purchases

And when you do, after one year how much money would you have?

I can’t put a specific number on it for you because we’re all different. We’re living different lives. Our spending needs change from month to month.

But if I had to guess, before I started saying “no” I was spending way more money than I’d like to admit. All on things, I never needed deep down.

I mean sure, I thought I needed them at the time. But I was wrong. I’d spend five dollars here, twenty dollars there, fifty dollars later. It all added up.

And if you don’t catch yourself, before you know it you’ve spent enough to max out a retirement account for the year.

Saving By Saying No

Savings that could have established your emergency fund. Or a good amount of money that could have gone towards a future down payment on a car, or home.

All because you couldn’t say “no.” This is why I want you to get used to saying “no.”

Learn different but polite ways to say “no” like:

  • Thanks, but I can’t right now.
  • No thank you.
  • Next time!
  • Can we do this instead?
  • I appreciate it, but I can’t make it this time.
  • Sorry, that’s not in my budget right now.
  • How about next month?
  • Sounds wonderful but I can’t make it right now.
  • Or… insert any valid reason you have here.

Just come up with your “no” responses beforehand. That way you’ll have them ready when someone tries to test your willpower.

And after a couple of times, they’ll realize how committed you are to saying “no”.

But still… if you aren’t good at saying “no” yet. I want you to put whatever you will be saying “yes” to in your budget each month.

If this item you want to say “yes” to is not in your budget, you should say “no”.

If it’s important enough you’ll figure out a way to get it by cutting your spending in another category for the time being. That way you can enjoy saying “yes” to what you want/want to do.

Just don’t go with the flow of things. Or say “I can afford it” or “you only live once!”

I say “no” to a lot of things.

And after reading this, I hope you’ve learned why you need to say “no” more too. Saying it can save you money. But you have to start being “self-first.” In fact, you must so you can finally enjoy the life you deserve.

Time is Currency

As I write this it’s New Year’s Day.

Six o’clock in the morning. A warmer than normal day.

I arise from my sleep to someone calling for help. I rush him to the emergency room.

He’s a close family friend. A good man, he works hard and is very humble. He was down but I did my best to get him the help he desperately needed.

And by the way, if you’re a doctor, nurse, or health care provider thank you!

It’s during times like this… when I was hearing, seeing, and feeling the pain others are going through, I’m reminded how precious life is.

And how quick it can fade.

And it’s also why you should say “no” when it’s not an emergency. Know why you’re saying “no”.

Delay gratification. Save your resources. And live a beautiful life with the time you have. There are only 365 days in a year. 366 in a leap year.

If you have 100 years on this earth and instead of days you had dollars and not years to spend. It would add up to $36,500.

Not a lot of money right? How would you spend your $36,500?

Who would you spend it with? What would you do?

Think hard!

Say “no” so you can afford to say “yes” when you want in life. Give your future self options. Life changes, and you must do this because many of us have less than $36,500 to spend right now.

But you can start funding and growing an emergency fund today that will eventually grow that big when you learn to say no.

P.S. I want to wish you nothing but good health and prosperity in the future. Just remember you have options and can save money by saying no.

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