You Get Out What You Put In

Whether you’re building a business, a career, or a family, you get out what you put in.

And there will be a lot of effort needed upfront.

Things will take time.

In business, it takes time to build a client base. It takes time to learn a trade and get the training needed for a job you want.

And, it takes time and effort to build a strong relationship and healthy family.

It’s About Planning For The Harvest

You get out what you put in. And said another way, straight from the Bible, is “you reap what you sow.”

So why not set yourself up for success by preparing the fields of your life and:

  • Learn from leaders you respect
  • Treating others well
  • Being smart about those you spend your time with
  • Being smart with your time and money

Will things go wrong?

Of course!

Throughout history, generations of farmers have done everything right. And still lost harvests and everything they worked hard for to hail or drought.

Global warming is affecting us more and more.

Earth and the life you grew and know won’t be the same for your kids, grandkids, and future generations.

Regardless, a solid practice of preparation, planting, tending, and careful harvest is the best long-term method for success.

You Get Out What You Put In – Tips To Get You Started

If you want to harvest expertise, plant learning.

This means learning from everyone you can. And building skills that’ll serve you well into the future.

Yes, you can learn from schools. But also learn from others and experts you may not have considered. Sit down and actually put the time in.

Google and YouTube that shit!

For example, if you know someone in your family or community who has amazing frugal living and meal prepping skills, ask them to teach you how to meal prep.

Make them an offer and a fair exchange for something in return.

Something you think you’re great at.

And let’s say you spend some time shopping, preparing food, and cooking with them.

In exchange for their expertise and time, you’ll pay them back with your time and do some yard work, car washing, and gutter cleaning.

Or anything they request in return or really need some help with.

Everybody wins. You build a healthy relationship and connection. And they get some needed help and labor done.

And if you’re asking what’s the point or why bother doing all of this?

It’s simple, every dollar you don’t have to spend is $2.00 you don’t have to earn.

Learning how to meal prep your food reduces the time and money you spend running to restaurants or living on cheap fast food.

Foods that will destroy both your health and your ability to build wealth. Unless of course you just “got it” like that already.

If so, carry on!

But even if you only spend $5.00 per day on lunch during the workweek, learning to prepare your midday meal will save you:

  • About $25 a week
  • And $1,250 a year if you take two weeks off

Learning one skill online, in school, or from someone else you know can save you over a thousand dollars a year.

If you put the time in to learn and take action, you will benefit over and over again.

Learn once, win and benefit 100’s of time.

Garbage In = Garbage Out

What are you consuming?

Because the greatest resource you’ll ever have is your time.

This is why you need to be careful in regards to how you spend it.

If you waste your time on negative things like the news, bad company, poor habits, and unwise spending, you won’t have anything to harvest.

Nothing to show for it. Or the time you spent focused on negative people, events, news, and more.

And This Also Goes For: 

  • What you eat
  • What you do with your body
  • Who you spend your time with
  • What you watch
  • What you read
  • The topics you focus on

Because sure a greasy slice of pizza and a bottle of beer taste phenomenal.

But if that’s the main thing you’re consuming, they’re not going to help you build a healthy body.

Yes, spending time with that friend who’s always ready to kick back and watch a movie or play video games is fun. But if that consumes all your free time, your life will not move forward. 

And if you’re the type to focus on negative, scary, or destructive news and events, all you’re doing is setting yourself up to feel depressed and afraid.

Then when you’re depressed and afraid, others can get you cranked up into making bad decisions.

Decisions and choices you have to live with. Because frightened folks can be talked into just about anything. Especially by those in power.

Should you be cautious? Absolutely.

Caution allows you to think twice and act once.

But being frightened leaves you frozen. You’re not doing or taking action. Instead, you’re reacting.

Fear, if you let it can wipe away your ability to move and act in a way that’s logical and in your best interest(s). It makes you react poorly to non-threatening events.

So pay attention to who you’re around. What your reading, watching, listening, and listening to. Because junk in = junk out.

You get out what you put in.

Automate Good Choices Because You Get Out What You Put In

All broccoli and no potato chips will get old fast.

Especially if every positive decision you make is an uphill battle held back by your environment.

And to get a positive benefit and make sure you get out what you put in is a reward and not a punishment you need to automate good decisions.

For example, if you want to get up early and exercise in the morning (I highly recommend doing this) put your workout clothes in the bathroom.

Fold your tee shirt and sweatpants up and put them somewhere close, so you have no choice but to see them when using the bathroom.

Brush, and wash up. And then throw them on and go work out.

Do this for two weeks to get in the rhythm and habit of things.

And then if you want you can move your workout clothes somewhere else. Somewhere just as visible but not as apparent.

Another good decision you can automate is choosing what to wear during the week. You can make things easier on yourself by putting together your clothes for the week on Sunday or when you do laundry.

That way you can just grab your chosen outfit for the week and go Monday-Friday.

Invest in suit hangers and put together separates in different combinations to not burn your morning brain on simple decisions.

But don’t stop there.

Plan your meals for the week ahead.

Look at what’s on sale on Wednesday, and try to go grocery shopping on Thursday or Friday evening so you can prepare your food on the weekend.

And try to make and eat the same thing for breakfast each day to simplify your life.

Because the fewer decisions you have to make during the week, the better. At least for me.

And if you struggle with doing any of the above, check out this habit guide.

Change How You React To Your Environment

Getting rid of your television is a brilliant exercise in creativity.

Some people might think this is crazy.

But if you can’t commit to that (yet), then unhook the television. And put it somewhere out of sight like in the closet.

Then put something you really want to do near your favorite relaxing spot.

For example, if you want to read more, put your latest book there. If you want to get better at playing the guitar, put your instrument there.

Because when the television is on, you’re absorbing the ideas with no creativity whatsoever.

When you’re busy watching TV, there is no growth.

But if you’re reading, learning an instrument, or creating something, you’re engaging with the activity.

And consuming instead of creating will get you nowhere. You have a brain and opposable thumbs.

Get in the habit of doing and creating. Because you get out what you put in.

Work towards building something better. And know that no matter what you’re building or aiming for, it will take effort, skill, growth, and time.

So don’t waste the precious hours of your day and life on things that have nothing to do with where you wanna go.

Instead, interact fully with the world and let it know what you want.

Visualize. Explore. Eat right. And invest time in your mind, body, and goals.

Not your TV.

Because you get out what you put in.

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