How Your Mindset Can Make You Successful

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Have you ever asked yourself what sets successful people apart from those who aren’t?

The ones that are living their lives to the fullest and with what seems to be a never-ending passion for what they’re doing. That same lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of living yourself.

I know I have.

At one point in my life, my outlook on things wasn’t the most positive. While it never appeared that way on the outside, like many of you, on the inside I’d go back and forth.

I’d flip-flop back and forth from a positive mindset to a negative one. There were plenty of times I didn’t like where I was at currently in life.

At times, I’d assume or expect the worse would always happen. And I was the real-life version of what you’d call a “negative Nancy”. Nobody wants to be around a negative Nancy.

Sorry if your name is Nancy by the way.

But, fast forward and I’m the exact opposite of that. I now express nothing but positivity and gratitude as much as I can every day.

When I wake up I list off in my head three things I’m grateful for. Throughout my day I now look for reasons to smile.

So, while reflecting, I asked myself what lead to this change? And after a few seconds, I knew it was my mindset.

Successful Versus Unsuccessful Mindset

After some reading on the subject, I stumbled upon an interview where Stanford psychologist, Carol Dweck, discussed how “successful people tend to focus on growth, solving problems, and self-improvement. While unsuccessful people think of their abilities as fixed assets and avoid challenges.”

When I heard that I agreed with her.

My mindset over time changed to one that was more positive. I became more focused on improving and bettering myself than accepting how things were.

I’d read all kinds of different books and listen to anyone who had more experience than me doing the things I myself wanted to do. I was actively trying to learn more about the things that mattered the most to me. Whereas in the past I’d be less willing to try something new, listen, or discuss certain issues.

I made the shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Started seeking out and acknowledging the positive moments I’d have throughout the day. I was thinking and acting differently. This shift made it easier for me to achieve and do the things I knew I was always capable of doing.

So, no matter how rich, poor, or where you’re at in this life be open to something different, new ideas, and new experiences. Who knows, maybe someone might come along and change the way you think.

Nevertheless, start making this mindset shift if you haven’t yet. Turn your daily negatives into something positive because if I can do it, then so can you.

There’s Always Something You Can Be Grateful For

To receive and achieve what you want, you must become aware. Aware of who you are, your thoughts, and what or whom have influenced you to think the way you do way. Once that’s done, try and reduce or eliminate the amount of negativity that may be in your life.

From people to bad situations, there’s something that might not be adding value to your life. Try your best to get rid of it.

Then replace and add more positivity to your life. From your thoughts to new individuals and even peaceful surroundings. While you won’t see immediate results, remember you weren’t born with a negative mindset. It happened over time.

Be patient and ask yourself, why do I think the way I do?

Figure out how you can change the negative thoughts you’re having to ones that are more positive. For example, throughout the day, ask yourself, what’s something I’m grateful or happy for?

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as what you’re grateful and happy for makes YOU feel great. It can simply be that you’re awake, alive, and healthy today.

Grateful Candle

Once you’ve done this you must commit to living a life where you’re constantly learning. Become a student at whatever it is you want to do and embrace the ups and downs that will come with learning.

Press forward when roadblocks occur, and they will.

Understand that hard work and effort are the way forward. Learn from your critics, your mistakes and become inspired by those who are where you wanna be.

It’s also important to understand how we view ourselves and our current position in life matters a lot. This is why having the right attitude and approach is vital when trying to achieve big goals.

Develop a growth mindset and focus on the process. For it is the process and habits that you engage in that will bring about what you want.

Keep doing this while asking yourself, what lead me here and where am I falling short? Learn from mistakes and change for the better but don’t dwell on them. Instead, focus on the present and the future.

Never Compare Yourself to Others

Every master was once a beginner. When you start something new, people are going to be ahead of you. Even so, don’t let that stop you from starting.

What matters most is your mindset and willingness to work for what you want. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Remember, life is a marathon and not a sprint. You might not be ahead right now but if you show up and put in the work each day, over time you’ll make it to where you’re going.

Success in life is less dependent on the hand you are dealt. What’s most important is how you play the hand you are dealt.

Try to Reduce Any Negative Influences That Might Be in Your Life

Become aware of your mindset and the good or bad thoughts you have during the day. Notice the effect others are having on you and your mood.

You want happy, positive, and encouraging people in your life.

Beautiful Girls Smiling

If others are being negative around you or to others, ask them to stop or change.

If they’re unwilling, slowly reduce the number of bad interactions you have with them. Or even try and change the subject of your conversations to more positive ones.

While We Can Change and Influence Certain Things in Life

Sometimes, we have no control over where, when, or who gave birth to us. So, if you’re in a bad place or situation, stay positive.

Try and do things that bring you joy and happiness. Make an effort to change where you’re living for the better. Form mastermind groups and ask for help.

However, if all else fails and you have no other option because no change will come about, try and move somewhere else. I know I make it sound easy but after moving around for a bit myself, I know it’s not. Leaving for someplace new and being away from your family is hard.

Still, if you’re in a bad situation, try and spend less time in that place.

Instead, travel and stay in positive uplifting places for as long as you can before you move.

Focus on Your Future and Not the Past

You’re either going forward or backward in life. The same can be said about our mindset.

Start believing your most basic talents and abilities can be developed over time. Whether it’s through experience, mentorship, or studying, you gotta believe. Don’t worry about how much you’ve gotta learn, how you look chasing your goals, or dwell on the mistakes you’re going to make.

Instead, challenge yourself and grow along the way. If you think and act this way, you’ll accomplish great things. An if you remember one thing from reading this at all, let it be this:

Success has a lot more to do with ones’ mindset when it comes to doing the work than where we start out. You might stumble and fall in the beginning but life is about learning and growth.

Thanks for reading!

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